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The graphic is the application of a design pattern using vinyl film on the car. The first adhesive films of polyvinyl chloride were invented almost 100 years ago by 3M. Thanks to these developments, adhesive tape appeared, which we used to call scotch tape. Subsequently, by these studies, vinyl films were also produced for pasting surfaces. Directly on cars, Japanese rally teams began to apply vinyl films in the 1960s. The application was purely practical – to indicate the number and name of the rider.
Naturally, such a creative information carrier did not go unnoticed by advertising figures, and very soon the cars were filled with the logos of sponsors. Since then, vinyl films have become widespread throughout the world.
Auto-graphics are in high demand in the world of tuning, with their help you can not only protect the whole car or its elements from minor damage but also give it a bright and unique image. This is what we are doing and recreating not just drawings, but the real design works of art. The durability and low price make this device more and more popular all over the world. So as with the time and increase in technology, there is nothing more than airbrushing.
The service life of the film depends on the brand of the manufacturer and the series we use mainly premium vinyl film series which provides a good result and has a service life of about five years.additional advantages of autographs
The design is unlimited and depends on the artist’s fancy and imagination.
After the design is ready, a preliminary sketchy sketch of the picture in the car photo is made. After discussing it with the client and making the necessary adjustments, the designers visualize the new final image.

If the design is approved, then the drawing will begin to prepare for forming and cutting. If you are not chasing after an exclusive and want to very quickly “put” your car in a designer “outfit,” then it is easier to use pre-prepared examples to choose your own, after reading the pattern we will make a similarity in your style.

When designing a design. A critical stage is to measure the car to determine the exact size. Professional software is used for this. When drawing the plan, I also exclusively use the system of exclusion of sharp corners and maximally even in the smallest details I try to smooth the design as much as possible. This increases the level and durability of the graphic, It is also important to remember that the body is uneven, it has many grooves, protrusions and all this can affect the final result, so I try as much as possible to design the design on smooth surfaces to avoid the deformation of the pattern.
Vehicle Body Paintwork protection
Autograph will help protect the body from minor damage, burnout, and exposure to reagents as well as get a preserved individual car.
Theft Protection
Auto-graphics serves as additional protection against theft from an individual view, and the hijackers are unlikely to want to get in touch with a perceptible car.
Graphics can disguise broken parts on the car body, such as scratches and reduce the visibility of small dents or body areas you feel imperfect. Easy installation and if you are tired of the design and wanted something new there is always the possibility to remove the vinyl without any consequences for the body quickly.
How to remove a vinyl tape from the body?
Vinyl film is straightforward to remove when heated with a proper hairdryer or for hair. If you are using a building dryer, be careful not to overheat the surface.

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