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Ownership & Funding

As part of Facebook’s News Page initiative, they suggest a page on Ownership and Funding for Transparency. Merchant name (trading and brand name) EVILRPM
EVILRPM.COM referred to as “the site” is owned and operated by EVILRPM OU company
This is a ltd company registered in Estonia registration number 14485946
Aleksei Konnov the sole director of the company. There are no employees, (correct as of 27.08.19).
The site is funded 100% via trading and retail from online sales. All finances are liable for European tax Estonia). Tax ID VAT: EE102170061
Product/service offerings: Custom Car Graphics Designing / Manufacturing (DIE CUT AND PRINTING METHOD)
EVILRPM OU Finances are made via Stripe and Pay Lane service and locally with bank recorded Companies. For protection I online trading marketplaces we register an official account for maximum security.
Business model: e-commerce (online trading , WORLDWIDE EXPORT)
This data is NEVER shared with any external 3rd parties, except Companies Evlrpm Ou Company under any circumstances.
It is used solely for accounting purposes and will remain that way. The only people with access to the data is the Ownership of the company : Aleksei Konnov ID: 38904290260

In the future, the site may be partially funded by European or Estonian funds, which means any fees that it may receive. legally Clearing city and phone number TALLINN +372 56 47 38 35

At least 10% of monthly finance will go to pay county taxes
Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me by going to the contact me page.

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