Racing Door Stripe Decal Graphics for Nissan Pathfinder

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  • • Stable fitting dimensionsas as image shown
  • • Premium PVC vinyl film 4~6 year outside resistance (3M, Oracal ,Avery)
  • • Easily to use. Easy cleaning & maintenance.
  • • Strong visual impact. DIY your own personalized car.
  • • Waterproof, Fade-resistant, self-adhesive, Made in EU


Vinyl Side Stickers Nissan Pathfinder

  • This Custom Stickers made for Nissan Pathfinder

  • Size: fixed size for Nissan Pathfinder (as picture shown)

<b>Best Evilrpm design stickers kit with a fixed size. Personalized decals too for your car with original graphic design Be not like everyone our task for our customers to create an exciting environment around the customer and her vehicle.<br>
<b Custom design graphics will present distinctive features to the car and will provide an identity for its owner. We make Customdividual style decals and draw a unique design for the client’s requests. The Decals Designs was takento car brand account to create with all the features of automotive graphic art.<br>
<b>CUSTOM DESIGN We do not use the design of free access from theternet and do not copy designs, like most the market. Our task to give customers new decal stickers withdividual style and [present the way to choose.<br>
<b>VINYL DECALS are made of thin, durable vinyl that will give your car or truck a custom look without the price and commitment of a new paint job. They are easy to apply yourself<br>
<b>EASY TO APPLY & REMOVE yourself, not leave behind sticky residue or damage surface. Our decals are car wash proof and Weather Proof!<br>
1. Recommend wetstallation type. <br>
2. Glue stickiness enhanced if heated with lighter. <br>
3. No car washing within 5 days afterstallation. <br>
4. Make sure the surface is clean, beforestallation. <br>

You purchased decal stickers with correct fitment item for your vehicle, as our vinyl decals are only guaranteed to fit the models noted the listings

<b>Decals Features:</b><br>
Easily to use. <br>
Strong visual impact. <br>
Easy cleaning & maintenance. <br>
DIY your own personalized car. <br> Custom Design <br>
Waterproof, Fade-resistant, self-adhesive. <br><br><br>

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