Usage Conditions for the Evilrpm site
Persons using the Evilrpm Web site (referred to as “Visitors”) are deemed to have agreed to the usage conditions detailed below. Such usage conditions, however, are subject to change without any prior notice, so Visitors are urged to refer to the latest version.
The Evilrpm Company Web site contains sections administered by various departments within the company as well as links to external Web sites administered by affiliated companies. Note that such sections and Web sites may be subject to their own usage conditions, which are specified therein.

Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
Information, including text, charts, images, photographs and video(collectively referred to as “Content”) presented on the Evilrpm Company Web site and referring to products, services, or technologies is protected under copyright law and other treaties and statutes.Visitors may use the Content for personal use. The explicit consent of Evilrpm Company is required for use exceeding this scope (including reproduction, modification, transmission, distribution, and transfer).
Except as stated above, Evilrpm Company grants Visitors no copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights, or other intellectual property rights relating to Content.
In cases where specific usage conditions are indicated for individual Content items, those conditions take precedence.
Trade names, trademarks, and emblems of Evilrpm Company or of third parties used on the Evilrpm Company Web site are protected under the Trademarks Law, the Unfair Competition Prevention Law, and other statutes. They may not be used without the explicit consent of their rightful owners.

Evilrpm from Company and its affiliates do not make any warranty of accuracy, usefulness, certainty or any other kind, relating to the contents and any other information on this website (hereinafter “Contents”).In no event shall Evilrpm Company and its affiliates be liable for any loss, expense or damage arising out of or in connection with the use of or reliance upon the Contents.
Evilrpm Company or its affiliates may suspend or stop operating this website without any notice.Evilrpm Company or its affiliates may change and/or alter the Contents or may suspend or discontinue the services provided through this website at any time without any notice.Evilrpm Company and its affiliates shall not be held liable for any damages arising out of any suspension or stop of operating this website, or change, alteration, suspension or discontinuance of the Contents.

Prohibited Actions
Visitors are prohibited from engaging in the following actions
Actions that infringe on the property, rights or privacy of Evilrpm Company or a third party or that pose a threat of such infringement.Actions intended to slander, libel, or intimidate Evilrpm Company or a third party. Actions bringing disadvantage or damage to Evilrpm Company or a third party, or that pose a threat of doing so.Actions injurious to the reputation or good name of Evilrpm Company or a third party.Actions considered contrary to prevailing social standards, or that pose a threat of being so.Actions involving use of the Web site for sales activities or other profit-making purposes. Actions in violation of laws or regulations or that pose a threat of such violation.Actions involving the use or provision of harmful programs such as computer viruses, or that pose a threat of such use or provision.

Actions involving false registration, declaration, or notification.
Actions that interfere with the operation of the Evilrpm Company Web site, such as unlawfully tampering with the Web site Contents, interfering with server communication, or embedding unauthorized data into the Web site.Any other actions judged inappropriate by Evilrpm Company
International Availability of Products and Services Information provided on the Evilrpm Company Web site applies to products and services available in Europe and North America. These products and services may only be purchased, obtained and used by persons residing in Europe and North America. In cases where availability in specific countries or regions is indicated for individual products or services, those indications take precedence.

Information Provided by Visitors
Evilrpm Company requests that Visitors to the Evilrpm Company Web site refrain from providing confidential information about themselves or proposals such as ideas for new products, services, or technologies.
Notification is hereby given that Evilrpm Company assumes that Visitors agree to the following with regard to the handling of information or proposals received via Evilrpm Company Web site: Evilrpm Company assumes no obligation to protect the confidentiality of information or proposals provided by Visitors to the Evilrpm Company Web site.
Evilrpm Company assumes no obligation to study, evaluate, or use information or proposals provided by Visitors to the Evilrpm Company Web site.
Evilrpm Company assumes no responsibility to provide compensation or payment for information or proposals provided by Visitors to the Website, even if Company uses such information or proposals, in whole or in part, or similar information or proposals.

Trade names, trademarks, marks, and emblems of Evilrpm OU Company affiliated companies, and other companies that are used on the Evilrpm OU Company website are protected by the Trademark Act, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, and other statutes. Usage of any of these items without express consent from Evilrpm Company or their rightful owners is prohibited.

Applicable Laws and Court Jurisdiction
European law applies to the Evilrpm Company Web site and the Web site usage conditions. In the event of any dispute regarding the Evilrpm Company Web site or the Web site usage conditions may arise, the court of the first instance having exclusive jurisdiction shall be the European District Court.

Linking to the Evilrom Company Web Site
Visitors wishing to link to the Evilrom Company Web site must agree to and follow the “Rules Regarding Links” below. If these conditions are met, Evilrpm Company permits linking by sites, regardless of whether they are commercial or non-commercial or accessible via the Intercom or via an intracom.

Guidelines Regarding Links
Evilrpm OU Company strictly prohibits links from Web sites judged to fall into any of the following categories: Web sites containing Content that slanders, libels, or damages the reputation of the management, employees, products, or services of Evilrpm Company or its affiliated companies, or of third parties.Web sites containing Content that infringes on or poses a threat of infringing on the intellectual property rights of Evilrpm Company, its affiliated companies, or third parties. Web sites containing Content that is obscene or could be considered contrary to prevailing social standards. Web sites containing Content that could be mistakenly construed as implying an association with Evilrpm Company, its affiliated companies, or their products or services. Web sites containing Content that is illegal or potentially illegal. Evilrpm Company determines that any of the above applies to your Web site and requests removal of links to the Evilrpm Company Web site, you are expected to comply with the request without fail. Evilrpm company prohibits linking in such a way that the identity of the Evilrpm Web site might become unclear, such as links that display in a frame on the linking page. Please edit your settings so that the Evilrpm Web site is displayed in a new window.

Social Media Policy
Through the use of social comworks, video and file sharing websites, and other types of social media that may be operated under an official account of Evilrpm (“Evilrpm Social Media”), we conduct activities in the manner specified below.
We keep in mind that the general public can access information posted in Evilrpm Social Media, and that information once posted cannot be completely erased.
Please indicate the company name as “Evilrpm ”
Evilrpm and its affiliated companies assume no responsibility for any problems or compensation for damages arising due to links to the company Web site.
The logo marks, trademarks, etc., of Evilrpm Graphics, may not be used in the Web sites, car graphics, printed materials, etc., of third parties (whether individuals or corporations), regardless of purpose or length of duration, without the consent of Evilrpm Company
The Evilrpm company makes no assurance regarding the permanence of the information or URLs associated with the Web site. Both are subject to change without notice.

Cookies are small text files placed on the hard drive of the visitor’s computer by the Web page server. They are used to facilitate registration procedures and for referring to previously registered information. Cookies cannot run programs on the visitor’s computer or infect it with viruses.
The main purpose of cookies is to make the visitor’s experience of the Web site more convenient by saving time. For example, cookies can make it easier to call up profile information on a user who has visited the site previously. This information may indicate that the visitor uses a particular Web page in a certain way or track movement from page to page within the site. The Evilrpm Company website also uses a technology called Web beacons in combination with cookies. Web beacons (also called clear GIFs or action tags) are a tool for tracking usages, such as the number of clicks on the main elements (links, images, etc.) of a Web page, blog entry, or newsletter. They provide no personally identifiable information about users. Note that Evilrpm company may share statistics related to Web site usage with affiliated companies. Visitors may decide to change their browser settings to block acceptance of cookies. Please keep in mind that this may render some or all of the services offered via the Web site unusable. Evilrpm Design products and technologies shall not be used for or incorporated into any products or systems whose manufacture, use, or sale is prohibited under any applicable domestic or foreign laws or regulations. You shall comply with any applicable export control laws and regulations promulgated and administered by the governments of any countries asserting jurisdiction over the parties or transactions.
It is the responsibility of the buyer or distributor of Evilrpm custom products, or any other party who distributes, disposes of, or otherwise sells or transfers the product to a third party, to notify such third party in advance of the contents and conditions set forth in this document.

This document shall not be reprinted, reproduced or duplicated in any form, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Evilrpm Company.
Please contact Evilrpm Company sales office if you have any questions regarding the information contained in this document or Evilrpm vinyl products.
(Note 1) “Evilrpm” as used in this document means Evilrpm Company and also includes its directly or indirectly controlled subsidiaries.
(Note 2) “Evilrpm product(s)” means any product developed or manufactured by or for Evilrpm company.
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We comply with the laws and regulations and company regulations of the Evilrpm when we post information in Evilrpm Social Media.
[Disclaimer] Information posted in Evilrpm Media is not necessarily intended to reflect our official company policy, statements or endorsements. We post our official announcement on our website ( and as of press releases, etc. of the Evilrpm company

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